The Council For Peace

The Council For Peace is a collective of cultural wisdom keepers, indigenous elders, earth stewards, community guardians, and global healers who are dedicated to authentically connecting with each other and the planet in a way that serves sustainable, harmonic co-existence with all People.  The first step is an agreement to be Lucid in our Awakened state; respectful and compassionate of each others different backgrounds, traditions, and ways of interpreting the world around them – in fact, seeing this differences as strengths, and finding the commonality within these differences.  This is the essence of our collective spirituality and with this Spirit we unite and stand for Peace, Presence, and Prosperity.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Opening Ceremony

    60 min | Lovers’ Nest

    Join us for a collaborative sharing of opening this sacred space as a whole. The ground has been lain... we have walked the sacred oak grove asking permission of the elements, plants and animal guardians, and the ancestors to be welcomed into this space in the Spirit of Love, Transformation, and Healing. The intention has been set to hold the frequency of a sacred, safe container so that all may be encouraged to release all limiting beliefs and conditioning that prevent the full embodiment of our Highest Selves. We will call in the directions and sing the Chumash Welcome song, led by Santa Ynez Samala Chumash representative and educator Carmen Sandoval; initiate our collective Heart-Breath with Hawaiian Spirituality lineage holder Alaya Love; and join the Northern Spirit of the Eagle with the Condor Medicine of the South, carried by Mayan calendar day keeper Jose Munoz.

  • Wisdom in Review - Visonary Panel

    60 min | Trixsters’ Playground

    This is an invitation for all Reiki Masters and Practitioners present at the festival to join us for a collective healing transmission. This ceremony will also include the use of sacred sound surrounding the space and on stage - contributing to this energetic and vibrational healing experience. We invite all those seeking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing to join us in the center of the audience / dance-floor space. We will align with all Reiki Masters, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors - across all timelines and dimensions; past, present, and future - for the benefit of All BEings, allowing for both personal and global healing and the expansion of unconditioned consciousness and unconditional love.

  • Closing Ceremony

    60 min | Lucid City

    Come together as One, collectively bringing to a close the powerful weekend of community transformation we have experienced together. Santa Ynez Samala Chumash representative Carmen Sandoval will once again open us in prayer and parting wisdom. Rabia Hayek will inspire (latin, inspirare: to breathe in) us to Breathe As One, unifying our hearts in the quantum field and share with a reflective spoken word. Dr Rachel Stricker will ground us in group meditation. We will finish by anchoring the portal of Lucidity Eudaimonia within ourselves and the land to the beat of the sacred drum by Hopi representative and healer Na'sam'vaya and Irish/Apache wisdom keeper Andrew Ecker.

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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