The Unicorn Scouts

Elliotte Bowerman, whimsy maker and founder of The Unicorn Scouts, is on a mission to help people find their inner magic. The Unicorn Scouts, a club for all ages + all spectrums, invites joyous play through a whimsy practice that’s fast, fun and fundamental to our creative spirit. Project #Unihorn, her 1st Unicorn Mission, has reached 6 continents and continues growing. In this interactive, vegan edible-glitter dusted workshop you’ll dive right in to swim in the sparkles and let your #unihorn shine. Every participant will receive a gift.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Decorate Your Unihorn + Let It Shine

    90 min | Family Garden

    This super sparkly WHIMSYshop invites participants to decorate their magic Unihorn and let it shine. Elliotte will give a brief, fun talk about what the horns mean - with a 2-minute visioning exercise that any kid can handle. But this isn't just for munchkins - this is for ALL ages and spectrums of awesome.

    Each participant will receive a white cotton horn, and The Unicorn Scouts will provide supplies to rock them out. Newly horned Unicorns of all ages can then complete a variety of unicorn missions.

  • Playful Parenting - Building a Family Whimsy Practice

    60 min | Family Garden

    The Unicorn Scouts, led by mother-daughter duo Elliotte and Liliana (7), are ready to help make it FAST + EASY for whimsy to become a habit in your life. (It's a silly meditation for your creative spirit - and we all seriously need it.)

    This hands-on workshop will lead parents and their kids through the creation of an in-home Unicorn Mission Station - aka a jar of joy.

    Each family will take home a magical source of FUN. And FUN is the *fuel* of our souls. Want to alleviate boredom, inspire creativity, foster connection, and reduce stress? Just love Unicorns and rainbows and want to play? Whatever draws you in, this WHIMSYshop will keep you smiling throughout 2017. Seriously - the Unicorn Mission Station adds a sparkle you don't want to miss.

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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