Tyler Hess

Tyler Hess is a healer of land, culture, and soul. A permaculture land designer, Work That Reconnects facilitator, and Way of Council space holder, Tyler interweaves ecological and social regeneration. He graduated formal schooling with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture, along with a self-designed major that included Philosophy, Anthropology, Forestry, and Environmental Sociology. For many years he has traveled the country, apprenticing at various renowned farms, homesteads, and intentional communities. Recently settled into the Ojai Valley, Tyler lives at East End Eden, a 10 acre permaculture farm and educational center, where he offers land design consultations, sacred circle facilitation, and herbal medicine crafts.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Carbon Farming Solution: Regenerative Agriculture for a Cooler Planet and Healthier Culture

    90 min | Lucid University

    Restoring carbon into the soil, where it belongs, and out of the atmosphere and oceans, where it is causing havoc, is one of the most important win-win solutions to our global and local problems. "Carbon farming" is a collection of crops and practices that sequester carbon, while simultaneously meeting human needs. Catastrophic climate change is on the horizon, and we must adapt by designing agricultural systems that can thrive in the times ahead. There is impressive and neglected climate mitigation potential in perennial crops, that also serve a wide variety of human & ecological purposes. This discussion based workshop will introduce you to the basic and advanced concepts of carbon farming & regenerative agriculture, including specific perennial plants, to get you started putting CO2 back in the soil. Let's do our best to solve climate change, food insecurity, and environmental degradation - by enjoying delicious fruits, nuts & medicinal plants!


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