Author, Architect, Green Certified Builder, Writer, University Professor, Teacher, Volunteer, and an ever present student.  After practicing architecture over 25 years, Whirlwind’s lifelong love for art blossomed when she became a volunteer docent at the Art Museum.   This journey of exploration and deep study of the ancient arts continues in days of love and discovery.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Elusinian Mysteries, An angry Goddess, two torches, and a Pomegranite Seed

    60 min | Lucid University

    This presentation will cover an Ancient Mystery Cult—one of the most intriguing but least understood aspects of Greek and Roman Religion. In the nocturnal Mysteries at Eleusis, participants dramatically reenacted the story of Demeter’s loss and recovery of her daughter Persephone. At one level the Eleusinian Mysteries were an occasion on which the city of Athens honored the goddesses who guaranteed the harvests and the grain that the city needed in order to survive: sending out heralds to advertise the graciousness of the goddesses to the other Greek cities and putting on sacrifices and processions in their name. But in the middle of these public festivities was a sequence of events in which the personal experience of individuals was central. Behind the walls of the sanctuary at Eleusis they met the goddess and experienced her grace and power at first hand.

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