After a long painful journey ascending the alpha tower of masculinity, Wulfgar began to realize the misery of upholding patriarchal ideals; the prison of toxic masculinity.

Standing tall as a beacon of feminism, acting as an ally in support of female activism proved insufficient in the pursuit of engendered freedom. Men must step forward, not only on behalf of women fighting for their equality, but for themselves and the future of masculinity. Like Wulfgar, it is time that men begin their own journey for a greater identity beyond a world of inequality and unhealthy expectations.

This is a journey Wulfgar has pursued from his birthplace in Louisiana, owning a construction company, training as a Green Beret, managing bars, forging iron, running in rainbow tutus, painting his toenails, teaching consent, embracing the tears of his brothers, and learning strength through vulnerability.

Yet the truth of creating full healthy masculinity is beyond mere labels, as it is an awakening past our deeply held programmed beliefs and inner pressures. For Wulfgar seeks to challenge these insecurities and false desires, to create a singular awareness and truth that even the most ardently fragile male can identify with and attain. It is liberation through the pursuit of becoming the effeminate barbarian, to behold the might of vulnerability, and the grace of consent.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Barbarian Effeminate

    60 min | Goddess Grove

    Being ferocious and pretty never felt so consensual. To wrap the deep bound iron of masculinity soothingly around the sensual elegance of femininity within the heart of man is to feel truly liberated and male. Men will learn the untapped ocean of beauty within them and sail upon it with empathy that it may unlock a bastion of introspective wisdom. Through this we will endeavor to become more than men satiated only by the sexual conquest of beauty in others. We will learn to caress the beauty within, to abandon harmful expectations, and see consent in a way that embodies our own desires. Men are beautiful in a way entirely unknown to ourselves, shrouded by our own denial, sedated by our unhealthy need for conquest and belonging. The Barbarian Effeminate is wild, free, gorgeous, and gives to his heart no matter how pretty the floral fragrance yearns.

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